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What problem would you like us to diagnose today?


At Strategic Diagnostics we adhere to a powerful yet simple procedure that guarantees results.

  • Discover

    We meet with you and learn all the aspects of your current situation.  This involves a lot of asking questions and listening to the answers.  It is through this process we develop a hypothesis of what the root cause of your problems is.

  • Diagnose

    We pride ourselves in our diagnostics approach to problem solving.  Using cutting edge assessments and organizational tools we collect and analyze the data associated with your situation, and use the new insights to focus on the things that need correcting.  Usually the diagnostics work is provided on a complimentary basis.

  • Cure

    In organizational development, ‘treatment’ takes the form of coaching and training. Our modular approach insures the treatment targets the problem, and creates a long-term engagement that rehabilitates the individual or team over time.