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As the owner of Strategic Diagnostics LLC, Sandy coaches people who hate their jobs and have decided it’s time for a career change, or a better career situation. He specializes in helping people find their perfect career in 30 days or less. He also helps organizations eliminate hiring failure and develop high performing teams. You can reach him at 410.459.5508, or email him at

“What career is right for me?” As a career coach, I hear that question quite often.

People often tell me things like:

  • I’m at a dead end in my career
  • I don’t feel I’m a good ‘fit’ for the job anymore
  • I’ve topped out in my career path and want to earn more money
  • I want to move into a totally new career path
  • I want to achieve a better work-life balance
  • I want to understand my ‘true purpose’ and calling in life

There are a few reasons this happens.

First, we tend to pick careers based on what we can do, rather than who we are. This is because we don’t understand that who we are is more important to career success than what we can do. How we behave, how we think, and what motivates us all contribute to our temperament –  and if our temperament doesn’t align with the needs of the career, we face an uphill battle every day.

Second, we don’t understand our temperament to begin with.  This means we don’t truly know our strengths and blind spots. So we don’t know why we dread getting out of bed every morning.

Third, we don’t have a clear vision for our ideal situation.  We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, so we don’t know the roadmap to attaining our goals.

Here’s what we can do about this.

Three Powerful Strategies

People tend to come to me for two different reasons:

  1. They generally hate their jobs, and want to find the career they were meant to have.
  2. They like their chosen profession just fine…but they hate their situation.  They aren’t a good fit in their work situation – their boss wants them to be someone else, or they don’t align well with the corporate culture.

I use the same process for both situations.  Here’s how we get from “What career is right for me?” to “This is what I was born to do.” It’s a simple, three-phase strategy.

  1. Discover Who You Are.  I call the first phase of the process DISCOVERY. The goal of Discovery is self-assessment.  Discovery is a guided process through which we understand how you think, how you behave and what motivates you. The primary tool of Discovery is the psychometric assessment – I use three to explore deep enough to answer the question: “This is who I am.”
  2. Craft Your Vision. The second phase of the process is VISIONING. The goal of Visioning is self-actualization.  Paint a picture of your perfect future and select the career that best fits who you are. “This is where I want to be.”
  3. Develop Your Roadmap. The final phase of the process is DEVELOPMENT. The goal of Development is self-improvement. It’s the roadmap that shows how you’re going to attain your Vision. “This is how I’m going to get there.” Until we complete the first two phases, we don’t know what this looks like. For some people, Discovery and Visioning is all that’s needed – you can move right into your new career as you are.  Others may need development in areas like communication skills, leadership, or something more specific to their new role.

My Career Coaching Philosophy:

  • I seek to work with people who are passionate about discovering their purpose in life.
  • Self-awareness and authenticity are the keys to finding the right career.  We pick the career that fits who we are – we don’t try to change ourselves to fit the career.
  • People are ‘born’ to do something – my purpose is to help them discover what it is.
  • Anyone can EASILY reinvent themselves, even if self-assessment doesn’t come naturally. It’s my role to facilitate the process and let the client discover themselves.

If you hate your job and want to find the perfect career, sign up for a free one-on-one strategy session and personality assessment – a $400 value.  We’ll explore how we can fix your problem in 30 days or less.


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