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How "Healthy" Is Your Organization? Find Out Now!
Take the Organizational Health Checkup - a $6000 value - for free!

Until now, measuring the 'soft skill areas' essential to modern corporate success has proved difficult, if not impossible, for most organizations.  The Organizational Health Checkup changes all that.

The OHC investigates 55 areas necessary for optimum performance of any business. This powerful assessment also determines the extent of workforce alignment with your company’s objectives and culture.

The OHC surveys eleven core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability. They include:

  • Personal – how do the individuals in your organization feel?
    Employee Alignment – is everyone driving for results and profits?
    Personnel – how effectively do you lead people?
    Team Effectiveness – how strong are your teams?
    Leadership – how trusted and inspiring is your leadership?
    Strategy & Planning – how comprehensive and secure is your strategy?
    Customer Service – how loyal are your customers?
    Sales & Marketing – does your pitch resonate and do your people sell?
    Operations – do you run efficient and quality operations?
    Cultural – how cohesive and beneficial is your culture?
    Management – how effectively do you manage things?

The results of the Organizational Health Checkup will clearly identify areas needing improvement and reinforcement. Your business health and workforce alignment scores, with measurable results in 11 different key performance areas, will enable you to develop a long-term plan for business improvement with sustainable growth.

Having this level of holistic understanding for the overall health of your organization will allow you to identify problem areas more efficiently, and maximize existing high-performing business segments more effectively. The combined output indicates the degree of current and future business vitality and sustainability.

This powerful assessment - a $6000 value - is available for FREE for a limited time.  Register below to get your OHC started today.

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  • Terri Sandoval

    Reply Reply March 30, 2016

    Thank you so much for having a conversation with me it was very enlightening. I hope you have a great day ~

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