Hiring Failure

Hiring failure is epidemic across corporate America. According to research, up to 50 percent of all new hires fail within 18 months.

At Strategic Diagnostics we understand the factors that cause most hiring failure. We can teach you how to transform the hiring process by assessing job candidates for these factors early on.

The result: you hire the best candidate every time.

  • Discover

    For hiring problems we handle the Discovery phase a little differently. We have a strong hypothesis on the cause of most hiring problems going in. We start by looking at four common causes, and our discussions will help us focus on which of the four are causing the most pain.

  • Diagnose

    Our assessments are like ‘an MRI for the brain.’  They provide all the data we’ll need to get to the root cause.  For sales, sales management, customer service, and administrative positions, we can take it a step further – measuring assessment data against statistical benchmarks, representing a model of the ‘elite’ performer in those careers.

  • Cure

    Our prescription to treat hiring failure is a daily dose of pre-employment assessments, a few hundred CCs of new insight, and heavy rehabilitation of the interview process.  The patient responds almost immediately in most cases.  Check out our hiring solutions page for more information.

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