How To Hire The Right Employee Every TimeHiring failure is epidemic – as many as half of all new hires fail within 18 months. Strategic Diagnostics will help you eliminate hiring failure, ensuring you pick the right person for the job every time.  And we offer a turn-key solution for hiring sales, sales management, customer service and administrative positions.

Here’s The Problem…

In a nutshell: we hire for one set of reasons (i.e., the stuff we look for on a resume or LinkedIn), but we fire for a completely different set of reasons.

According to research from LeadershipIQ, the four primary reasons for hiring failure are:

  • Temperament/Attitude – the new hire’s personality doesn’t align well with the needs of the job or work environment
  • Lack of coachability – the new hire won’t accept constructive input from supervisors, colleagues and clients
  • Lack of emotional intelligence – the new hire doesn’t understand his own emotions and/or the emotions of others, and doesn’t manage relationships well
  • Lack of motivation – the new hire isn’t driven to succeed in the new position

…And Here’s The Solution

The key to hiring success is to explore these factors during the hiring process. Strategic Diagnostics offers an extremely powerful tool to help you hire the right person every time: the performance benchmark.

A performance benchmark determines the personality traits needed to be a successful, high-performing individual in a particular career field.  Using a performance benchmark you can write better job descriptions, better evaluate candidates, and laser-focus interview questions.

Strategic Diagnostics can develop performance benchmarks for any position. There are three levels of performance benchmarks:

  1. Manual – a manual benchmark estimates the personality traits of the ‘ideal’ candidate based on the employer’s experience and understanding of the job requirements. It is inexpensive to develop and implement, but lacks accuracy.
  2. Data Driven – the manual benchmark is tested, using personality assessment results from a group of high-performing employees currently performing the job.  This helps us ‘clone’ your best employees. It requires a minimal additional development investment and greatly improves accuracy.
  3. Statistical – the statistical benchmark is the most powerful but also the hardest to develop. It entails a statistical analysis of up to 500 people in a given career field.  Nothing surpasses the statistical benchmark in terms of accuracy and effectiveness.


Wizehire – Our Amazing Turn-Key Hiring Solution

Strategic Diagnostics offers a powerful turn-key hiring solution that helps eliminate hiring failure.

Wizehire provides statistical benchmarks for sales, sales management, customer service and administrative positions.  Using Wizehire you can:

  • Create and advertise a job announcement on dozens of leading job sites
  • Assess and rank all job candidates against powerful statistical benchmarks for behavior, engagement and talent
  • Generate detailed interview guides for each candidate, focusing on their unique strengths and weaknesses

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