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Discover Your Emotional Intelligence!
Take the Emotional Intelligence Attributes Assessment, including a 2-hour LIVE webinar workshop - a $600 value - for FREE!

Harvard Business Review calls Emotional Intelligence "The Essential Ingredient To Success."  When fully developed, Emotional Intelligence provides the foundational skills necessary for excellence in communication, leadership, management, customer service, and sales. As a service to members of the OD Best Practices Mastermind Group, I offer you the key to unlocking your own Emotional Intelligence.  In doing this, my goal is to help you become more successful in your career through personal discovery and insight.

The Emotional Intelligence Attributes Index is the most advanced Emotional Intelligence assessment on the market today. It's built off the powerful Advanced Insights Profile, and includes three additional profiles: the Attribute Index (how you make decisions), the Values Index (what motivates you), and the DISC assessment (what are your key behaviors). And you can take it today, and register for a complimentary 2-hour EI webinar workshop, for FREE!

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