Communication SkillsWhat Is Communication?

We define ‘communication’ this way: “the ability to convey what’s in your head in such a way that it can be clearly understood by others.’  Everyone has a unique communication style that is influenced by their behaviors, motivators and thinking styles.  So it should come as no surprise that being understood the way you WANT to be understood is extremely difficult – in fact, being misunderstood is a primary driver for conflict!

Genius Communication Skills Bootcamp

Genius Sales Bootcamp is a two-day engagement, based upon the Advance Insight Profile.  It focuses on understanding how we communicate, how we receive and send information, how we can improve our communication skills, reduce conflict and increase understanding. In this course you will:

  • Reflect on your own communication strengths to identify opportunities to apply new practices that can enhance your effectiveness
  • Explore a range of communication principles and practices that can assist you to harness your own, and your team’s, potential
  • Formulate an action plan with clearly defined steps that will allow you to translate what you’ve learned into daily activities

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • The link between emotional intelligence and effective communication
  • Seven essential core attributes of effective communication
  • Four core communications styles based on behaviors
  • Impact of motivators on communications

The elements of the Advanced Insights Profile are:

  • The Attribute Index: a revolutionary way to measure people’s organizational skills and competencies, to increase individual, as well as team efficiency and effectiveness. This instrument was developed by Dr. Robert Hartman to identify the way in you think and make decisions, by taking a measurement of your abilities at a core level, and then showing you a clearly defined development path specific to you, mirroring your skills needed for the role you currently fulfill.
  • The Emotional Intelligence Attributes provide a deeper window into your abilities by analyzing your core attributes that reinforce excellence in emotional intelligence: Communications Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Social Skills.
  • Innermetrix Values Index based upon the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger to measure what really motivates an individual, what your values are, beliefs and personal interests. This is used in aligning company culture, recruitment and retention within organizations to the individual.  It is fundamental in managing people to achieve superior performance in their job.
  • Innermetrix DISC Index™: developed from Dr. William Marston. This is used to measure your observable behavior in both natural and adapted styles. We measure this to reveal “How” you will carry out any given task, engage with people and solve problems. By knowing this, you will be able to create the environmental factors to reduce stress and create sustainable high performance.

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